All Sales are final, must be paid upfront, and are Non Refundable.

The renter must pay a security deposit for the car which varies from 300 to 2000 USD depending on the class of car, that may be used to cover any additional costs that may occur during the period of car rental. Security Deposit will be refunded 72 hours after the return of the vehicle.

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday – Minimal rental period 1 day.
Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday – Minimal rental period 2 days.

The renter is obligated to provide his or her own rental car insurance (Full Coverage – $500 deductible or less on comprehensive and collision) or purchase LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) from FIFTH RENT A CAR.
The renter becomes the temporary owner of the car during the “period of rental.” Any violations including traffic, accident, civil, criminal, tolls, storage, impound, etc. during the period of rental contract becomes the personal/financial responsibility of the renter and is obligated to pay for it.   The renter is obligated to return the car back in the same clean condition as received. The renter is obligated to return the car with the same amount of gas as received. Fees apply if obligations are not met.

Not all vehicles comes with unlimited miles.
Vehicles are  allowed to be used in TEXAS & LOUISIANA ONLY!!  Please inquire about out of state fees if planning to drive in other states.
Vehicles are NOT ALLOWED to be driven with in 100 MILES  close to any USA & MEXICO border


The renter undertakes full responsibility if a non insurable event occurs during the period of rent. The renter takes the responsibility for all the consequences that may occur if transferring the vehicle to a third person “not included in the contract.” If the renter violates the road traffic rules he must pay all related penalties. The rental vehicle must be returned to the same location it was rented from.


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